classes and curriculum


The Kindergarten class, Villa Villekulla, is targeting younger children between three to six years old. The class is taught entirely in Swedish (90  – 95%) with exception to explain or convey phrases or meaning to the students. We believe that positive re-enforcement is a key concept to effectively teach the students. Teaching activities are done both in group and individual settings. During individual tasks we try to give full attention to the students. We adapt the level to meet the student to keep it interesting, engaging and fun. 



Group I is our intermediate level class for children that has completed Kindergarten. We expect the students to have basic Swedish skills, such as knowing the alphabet and have simple conversational skills. Group I continues to build on the language with grammar, reading and writing in a normal class room setting.   



Group II is our advanced class. This class is intended for students who are fluent in Swedish and has some Swedish reading and writing skills. The goal for this group is to develop the students’ reading and writing skills, as well as learning about Swedish geography, history and culture through reading, arts & crafts, discussions, Swedish games, and projects. We will use the same types of reading, spelling, grammar and writing activities that third graders use in schools in Sweden. All students will be issued a text and workbook at the beginning of the term, which will guide our learning throughout the year.