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swedish school in Portland, oregon

Helping students to comprehend, speak, read, and write Swedish

About the School

The goal of the Swedish School in Portland is to develop the students’ ability to comprehend, speak, read, and write Swedish. In addition, the students learn about their cultural heritage through songs, traditions, geography, history, and literature.

Students at the Swedish School build self-confidence and make friends with other Swedish-speaking children.

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Important news, updates and posts are available in the News section for everyone. A few of the most important and recent news can be found below.

Fall classes suspended (8/26/2020) - Swedish School in Portland have paused our regular classes for the fall semester 2020 until we can have in-person classes again. In the meantime we are planning voluntary and COVID-19 …

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Meddelande till föräldrar (4/12/2020) - Ej behörig! Du försöker komma åt en sida eller resurs som du inte har tillgång till. Om du tror att du fått detta meddelande av misstag vänligen kontakta oss. 
Lektioner inställda / Cancelled classes (3/13/2020) - Hej, På grund av situationen med COVID-19 har styrelsen har beslutat att följa PPS rekommendationer och ställa in de lektioner som vi har schemalagda i mars, dvs imorgon, 14/3 samt 21/3. …

Lektioner inställda / Cancelled classes Read More »

Svenska skolans veckomail March 12 (3/12/2020) - Weekly mail for parents covering who assistance in the classrooms and other general information.
Swedish school is hiring a teacher (3/8/2020) - The Swedish School is currently looking to hire a teacher . If you are interested please see the job description and contact us if you’re interested.


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Augustana Lutheran Church
Portland, OR 97212
2710 NE 14th Ave


Anna Segerstad (president@swedishschool.org)