Frequently Asked Questions

Question: The Swedish School meets at a Lutheran Church.  Is it a religious school?

Answer:  No.  The Swedish School merely rents space from the church.

Question:  My child is 3 years old but is not yet toilet trained.  Can s/he attend Swedish School?

Answer:  No.  Unless your child is toillet trained, we are unable to accept him/her as a student.  We simply do not have enough staff to take care of non toilet-trained students.

Question:  My child plays soccer and all the games are scheduled for Saturdays. Is it possible to combine soccer with the Swedish School?

Answer:  We have students who combine sports with the Swedish School. It is OK to miss school occasionally. However, it is important to still keep up the schoolwork in order to succeed.

Question: My child does not speak Swedish very well. Will s/he still be able to participate in the Swedish School?

Answer: In order to participate in the regular curriculum, the students must comprehend and speak Swedish. It is important that at least one parent speaks Swedish to their children at home. For children who do not speak Swedish in the home we offer a Beginners’ Class when we have at least 6 students.